The Big Surprise


The Basics
Release Date Mid 2017
Tagline "The big surprise"
Theme Song The Big Surprise, by The Elms
Interlude(s) N/A
Wordcount TBD
Casualties TBD
Preceded By Boulevard of Broken Dreams
Followed By N/A

Independence Day, Book Five: The Big Surprise is currently being written and is expected to be released around mid 2017. It is the final book of this series.

Overview and Theme:

As this is the final book of the series, we will be working on tying up all the loose ends that have remained thus far. You can expect closure for all of the characters' dilemmas...even if it won't necessarily be happy closure.

The Big Surprise is...Me?

In the weeks leading up to book five, we are examining those left standing just a bit more closely in this extra feature.

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The Big Surprise is...Julia?

The Big Surprise is...Brett?

The Big Surprise is...Evan?

The Big Surprise is...Terri?

More coming soon!

Lyrical Challenge IV: This Time, It's Personal:

The Lyrical Challenge is back, for the fourth time. The lyrics were updated on 11/2/15, to inspire more creativity. They are as follows:

(Those crossed out have been placed)

"There's a pain that just will not die..." -- From the song "Say", by PFR.

"Cause ain't that all we really have at the close of the day.." -- From the song "We May Never", by Margaret Becker.

"I went searching for some peace of mind..." -- From the song "All This and Heaven Too", by Michael Sweet.

"Nothing in this world could ever take your place..." -- From the song "Hang Onto You", by Delirious.

"I know you'd just as soon forget..." -- From the song "Make it Better", by Lisa Bevill.

"What can I say to make you listen..." -- From the song "Is This What You Wanted", by Jill Phillips.

"In our hearts, we're already gone..." -- From the song "Steady On" by Point of Grace.

"Strange the thing you notice when the walls are closing in..." -- From the song "Ballad of San Francisco", by Caedmon's Call.

"There's so much that I want to tell you..." -- From the song "This Private Room", by Patrick Andrew.

"There are no reasons that I could give you..." -- From the song "I Need You", by The Normals.